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Adoption Policies

At Sunfox we screen our pet buyers to make sure there is a good match of kitten to new owner.  When you contact us, be prepared to answer questions about your housing, family members, and past and current pet ownership, and please fill out our Inquiry Form.  We require a veterinarian's reference.  If you are new to pet ownership, now is a good time to start your search for a veterinarian you feel comfortable with.  Also feel free to ask any questions you may have, we will do our best to answer.

If price is the most important issue for you, we suggest you look elsewhere - you can surely find a pet for less money if that is your main goal - our goal is to raise healthy, well-adjusted Somali kittens, and it's an expensive undertaking.  Alternatively, just because you are willing to pay our asking price doesn't necessarily mean you will get a kitten from us  - it's important that both the new owner and the kitten be happy, and that the kitten get proper health care and love and affection during its lifetime.  Our pet buyers make a lifetime commitment to the health and happiness of the kitten.

All pet kittens are spayed or neutered before delivery to the new owner.  This is an advantage to you as the future owner, as I take the risk of any problems, and is good for the kitten, as he or she recovers at home in familiar surroundings.  Kittens are sold at 16 weeks of age at the earliest.  At this age they have had all their kitten vaccinations and have been fully socialized.  Sometimes we may keep kittens longer - Somalis are notoriously slow to mature, and sometimes it takes a few extra months to determine whether a kitten will be suitable for showing.

Sometimes buyers want to get their kitten at a younger age, feeling that a younger kitten will "bond" better with the new owner.  This theory may apply to puppies, but does not apply to kittens.  Kittens need to be properly trained and socialized by the adult cats and humans before they are ready to go to new homes.  And since we give their final kitten vaccinations at 16 weeks, the new owner doesn't have to worry about vaccinations again until the cat is a year old.  For more information, see the article entitled "How Young is Too Young."

Pet buyers sign a contract agreeing not to allow the kitten to roam outside, and not to declaw the kitten.  The contract spells out the duties of both buyer and seller so that there are no questions about what was agreed to.

Sunfox kittens are guaranteed negative for FELV and FIV and free of fleas and fungus.  They are fully vaccinated, and require no further vaccination until they are 16 months old.

We do not ship our cats.  We live in Ventura County, California.  If you live in a surrounding area, such as Northern California or Arizona, it is possible we can make arrangements meet you half way to deliver a kitten.  Things may work out for someone to carry the kitten on board a flight for you, at a cost roughly close to the shipping cost.  Keep in mind, however, that you would not be able to see the kitten before you get it, and this may not be the best idea - the best thing is of course, to come out here and meet the cat or kitten yourself.  If none of these options are workable, we suggest you look for a breeder who is closer to you.
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Thinking about an adult cat?  Check out this video of Amelia, red Somali spay.  Amelia was born in 2002, and this video was taken at Christmas 2008 when she was 6 years old.  She was placed in the home at 4 with her daughter, Kismet, who was 3.  Take a peek at this YouTube video of Amelia playing with her new bird toy.

To understand why breeders and exhibitors sometimes place adult cats, see this article

We currently have several adult cats available, all female.
Rescued Cats
For rescued Abys and Somalis in Southern California, go to SCAR.  They do have a couple of Somali rescues available, and several Abys.

We do have a black DSH spay called Ella Bella.  I found her under my car at Target in October 2009, just before Halloween.  She's best buds with My older boy Frankie, is probably 6 years old by now.  Email us for more informaton.
Abyssinian and Somali - click here to find out the differences and why we work with both.
Cat care pages
See our adult cats
We feed and recommend Life's Abundance pet foods.  Please see our website, www.HealthyCatndog.com.  We do require new owners to purchase the food initially, to provide continuity to the cat's diet so as not to cause any tummy upsets during the very stressful rehoming process.  In addition, we feel it is the best cat food on the market, and is more economical than almost all other premium brands, so we don't have any reservations in recommending it for the life of your new kitten!
Abyssinian kittens available!  A breeder we work with in Denmark has 2 kittens available.  Because there are many breeders in Denmark, which is such a small country, sometimes it is hard to find homes for them close to home.  Here in the U.S., we have the opposite problem - not enough breeders for the people who want kittens.  So I've agreed to help find forever homes for these kittens.  Pricing will be the same price other breeders have here in So. California, plus shipping.  Because shipping is expensive, the breeder is willing to work out a discount on the shipping, provided both kittens can travel together.  That means either one family who wants both kittens, or 2 families from the same area (i.e., So. California) each want one kitten.

The kittens are ruddy boys.  The older was born November 10, the younger born on December 1.  They are sweet, happy, playful kittens.  Traveling together will take a lot of the stress of traveling away.

Photos will be posted soon.  Because the kittens will need to be neutered and have all their shots at least 21 days before traveling, they will need to be reserved no later than March 13.

If you might be interested, please email me asap at sunfoxsomalis@aol.com.  It would be useful if you would fill out the form at www.sunfoxsomalis.com/inquiry.html and mark that you are interested in the "Danish Abys" and I can put you in contact with the breeder.

I had my first breeding cat from this breeder, I have visited her home recently and highly recommend her cattery.
This is Baby, born December 2011.  Baby had a wonderful home in Nevada, but sadly she was only there 2 years, and her human passed away.  So Baby came home until we can find her the perfect home. 
Misty is her mother, they are both blue.

Baby had a first home as a kitten, and was ambushed in the litter box by the other cats.  So she needs some special litter boxes.  She would not do well with other cats.
Finally, our 3d blue girl is Lil Bit, who is 11.  Lil Bit lived in a home for 9 years and got along fine with the other cats.  But then 2 big Maine Coon kittens came to live in the family, and they picked on Lil Bit, and even attacked her.  So she's pretty timid now and probably needs to be the only cat in her home.  She is very sweet and loving, she loves to cuddle in bed at night.  She's really playful too, she'll chase feather toys if you will play with her.  Soon we'll get a nice photo of Lil Bit up here too.